Friday, March 30, 2018

Review: Pelican 1510 rolling case with TrekPak dividers.

After many years of using an old beat up Lowe Pro Magnum bag (400 AW I think), I decided to upgrade to hard case.  There were many brands and options but I ended up with going with a Pelican case.  Since I like to stand out, I chose a bright lime green case.  I figured I can spot that a mile away. If for some reason I was ever stupid enough to check my camera equipment for a flight, I could spot the case as it came off the luggage belt.

I also ended up buying the TrekPak divider system aftermarket.  As you can see, it stores all my equipment fairly nice and orderly.  I like the durability of the dividers over the soft padded inserts  you see in most camera bags.  The padded inserts are just too flimsy in my opinion.  I also like the fact that the TrekPak can be customized as needed.  More so than padded dividers as you can cut them to fit the size you need.

The case itself is pretty sturdy.  I feel like I could sit on the case with no damage coming to it or the contents inside.  I like that it has padlock inserts as well as a pressure release valve (though I doubt I will ever have a need to use it).  The wheels seems durable and roll pretty easily.  I haven't tested it yet on grass or any other type of surface than my rug.  I will probably give it a good workout at my next cosplay photo shoot.  The case has a nice seal to protect it from rain, and other elements.  Pelican claims it can withstand being 1 meter underwater for 30 minutes. Again, not something I will ever use but good to know.  Overall I think this is a great case.  Not bad for $160.  The mesh storage on the lid, was I think $29.95 on Amazon, and the TrekPak divider system was I believe $120.  I guess if you want to look cool, you have to spend money  😃

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