Monday, July 20, 2009

Mckee-Besher - July 2009

So myself and a few people from the Loudoun Photo Club decided to get up at a hideous hour in the morning to go to Mckee-Besher WMA (Wildlife Management Area). However despite the early morning departure, we found what we were looking for around 6:45am, the field of sunflowers that were blooming.

The nice thing about the field, is that it was right off the parking area, so walking was minimal. The field is huge so even with the 30 or so photographers, there was still plenty of room without being on top of other photographers.

One of the lessons I learned from this trip...use my tripod more, be more patient, bring a step ladder and use bug spray...OFTEN lol.

Loudoun Photo Club -
Mckee-Besher WMA -

Saturday, April 4, 2009

Cherry Blossoms 2009

I had high hopes this year to get some decent shots of the Cherry Blossoms in Washington DC. This morning I went down and arrived at the Tidal Basin in DC about 5am. (I now know where a great parking spot is for next year). It was pretty chilly but only a handful of people were out and about. I hung out at the Jefferson Memorial while I waited for a little time to pass since the sunrise was not supposed to be until around 6. This also gave me time to actually view the memorial as I have never been there.

About 5:45am I started making my way around and found a great spot (along with a few other photographers). It was still pretty windy, but was hoping it would get better as the sun started to show it's face. At about 6:10 I started to take some photographs, as the sun was starting to show some light across the basin. By 6:30am it was starting to get crowded of photographers, runner's and just people in general. About 6:45 after taking about 20-25 pictures, and finger's frozen to the bone I left. It was just too windy, too crowded and too cold to catch any real good shots.

While I did not get any shots I would call great, I did get some ok shots. Overall I was disappointed with the outcome, however I will be more prepared for next year. Like the parking, I spotted a few other places that I may try out for next year's attempt.

Monday, March 2, 2009

Welcome to my blog

I've set up this blog to share my thoughts and experiences in the photography world. This will be from reviews on various pieces of equipment to photo locations. I plan on posting something at least once a month, but could be more often, especially during the warmer months. So thanks for stopping by, and enjoy.