Saturday, August 24, 2013

Unexpected Treasures - Annapolis Sunrise

This morning I lead a group of photographers to the docks in Annapolis to catch the morning sunrise.  Getting up at 2am to be at the Herndon Park & Ride by 3:30.  Leaving promptly at 4am, the drive to Annapolis was peaceful.  We arrived in Annapolis at about 5:10 and had a little bit of time before the first rays of the morning started to show their face at 5:30am.  Since I have done this 2 times previously I really wasn't too interested in taking pictures but more for being a mentor/resource for other photographers.  I did manage to take a few though.

I think the meetup was a success.  Only 2 people were no-shows which is much better than previous meetups where half would be no-shows.  I am really hoping that I can jumpstart the Unexpected Treasures meetup group and get members to be more active.